Interface TransactionStream

Many subscriptions result in messages about transactions.


  • BaseStream
    • TransactionStream


engine_result: string

String Transaction result code.

engine_result_code: number

Numeric transaction response code, if applicable.

engine_result_message: string

Human-readable explanation for the transaction response.

ledger_current_index?: number

The ledger index of the current in-progress ledger version for which this transaction is currently proposed.

ledger_hash?: string

The identifying hash of the ledger version that includes this transaction.

ledger_index?: number

The ledger index of the ledger version that includes this transaction.

The transaction metadata, which shows the exact outcome of the transaction in detail.

status: string
transaction: Object

The definition of the transaction in JSON format.

type: "transaction"
validated?: boolean

If true, this transaction is included in a validated ledger and its outcome is final. Responses from the transaction stream should always be validated.

warnings?: {
    id: number;
    message: string;

Type declaration

  • id: number
  • message: string

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