Interface AccountInfoRequest

The account_info command retrieves information about an account, its activity, and its XRP balance. All information retrieved is relative to a particular version of the ledger. Returns an AccountInfoResponse.



account: string

A unique identifier for the account, most commonly the account's address.

api_version?: number

The API version to use. If omitted, use version 1.

command: "account_info"

The name of the API method.

id?: string | number

A unique value to identify this request. The response to this request uses the same id field. This way, even if responses arrive out of order, you know which request prompted which response.

ledger_hash?: string

A 20-byte hex string for the ledger version to use.

ledger_index?: LedgerIndex

The ledger index of the ledger to use, or a shortcut string.

queue?: boolean

Whether to get info about this account's queued transactions. Can only be used when querying for the data from the current open ledger. Not available from servers in Reporting Mode.

signer_lists?: boolean

Request SignerList objects associated with this account.

strict?: boolean

If true, then the account field only accepts a public key or XRP Ledger address. Otherwise, account can be a secret or passphrase (not recommended). The default is false.

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