Interface XChainAddClaimAttestation

The XChainAddClaimAttestation transaction provides proof from a witness server, attesting to an XChainCommit transaction.



Account: string

The unique address of the transaction sender.

AccountTxnID?: string

Hash value identifying another transaction. If provided, this transaction is only valid if the sending account's previously-sent transaction matches the provided hash.

Amount: Amount

The amount committed by the XChainCommit transaction on the source chain.

AttestationRewardAccount: string

The account that should receive this signer's share of the SignatureReward.

AttestationSignerAccount: string

The account on the door account's signer list that is signing the transaction.

Destination?: string

The destination account for the funds on the destination chain (taken from the XChainCommit transaction).

Fee?: string

Integer amount of XRP, in drops, to be destroyed as a cost for distributing this transaction to the network. Some transaction types have different minimum requirements.

Flags?: number | GlobalFlags

Set of bit-flags for this transaction.

LastLedgerSequence?: number

Highest ledger index this transaction can appear in. Specifying this field places a strict upper limit on how long the transaction can wait to be validated or rejected.

Memos?: Memo[]

Additional arbitrary information used to identify this transaction.

NetworkID?: number

The network id of the transaction.

OtherChainSource: string

The account on the source chain that submitted the XChainCommit transaction that triggered the event associated with the attestation.

PublicKey: string

The public key used to verify the attestation signature.

Sequence?: number

The sequence number of the account sending the transaction. A transaction is only valid if the Sequence number is exactly 1 greater than the previous transaction from the same account. The special case 0 means the transaction is using a Ticket instead.

Signature: string

The signature attesting to the event on the other chain.

Signers?: Signer[]

Array of objects that represent a multi-signature which authorizes this transaction.

SigningPubKey?: string

Hex representation of the public key that corresponds to the private key used to sign this transaction. If an empty string, indicates a multi-signature is present in the Signers field instead.

SourceTag?: number

Arbitrary integer used to identify the reason for this payment, or a sender on whose behalf this transaction is made. Conventionally, a refund should specify the initial payment's SourceTag as the refund payment's DestinationTag.

TicketSequence?: number

The sequence number of the ticket to use in place of a Sequence number. If this is provided, Sequence must be 0. Cannot be used with AccountTxnID.

TransactionType: "XChainAddClaimAttestation"

The type of transaction. Valid types include: Payment, OfferCreate, TrustSet, and many others.

TxnSignature?: string

The signature that verifies this transaction as originating from the account it says it is from.

WasLockingChainSend: 0 | 1

A boolean representing the chain where the event occurred.

XChainBridge: XChainBridge

The bridge to use to transfer funds.

XChainClaimID: string | number

The XChainClaimID associated with the transfer, which was included in the XChainCommit transaction.

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