Interface AMMBid

Bid on an Automated Market Maker's (AMM's) auction slot.

If you win, you can trade against the AMM at a discounted fee until you are outbid or 24 hours have passed. If you are outbid before 24 hours have passed, you are refunded part of the cost of your bid based on how much time remains. You bid using the AMM's LP Tokens; the amount of a winning bid is returned to the AMM, decreasing the outstanding balance of LP Tokens.



Account: string

The unique address of the transaction sender.

AccountTxnID?: string

Hash value identifying another transaction. If provided, this transaction is only valid if the sending account's previously-sent transaction matches the provided hash.

Asset: Currency

The definition for one of the assets in the AMM's pool.

Asset2: Currency

The definition for the other asset in the AMM's pool.

AuthAccounts?: AuthAccount[]

A list of up to 4 additional accounts that you allow to trade at the discounted fee. This cannot include the address of the transaction sender.

Pay at most this LPToken amount for the slot. If the cost to win the bid is higher than this amount, the transaction fails. If omitted, pay as much as necessary to win the bid.

Pay at least this LPToken amount for the slot. Setting this value higher makes it harder for others to outbid you. If omitted, pay the minimum necessary to win the bid.

Fee?: string

Integer amount of XRP, in drops, to be destroyed as a cost for distributing this transaction to the network. Some transaction types have different minimum requirements.

Flags?: number | GlobalFlags

Set of bit-flags for this transaction.

LastLedgerSequence?: number

Highest ledger index this transaction can appear in. Specifying this field places a strict upper limit on how long the transaction can wait to be validated or rejected.

Memos?: Memo[]

Additional arbitrary information used to identify this transaction.

NetworkID?: number

The network id of the transaction.

Sequence?: number

The sequence number of the account sending the transaction. A transaction is only valid if the Sequence number is exactly 1 greater than the previous transaction from the same account. The special case 0 means the transaction is using a Ticket instead.

Signers?: Signer[]

Array of objects that represent a multi-signature which authorizes this transaction.

SigningPubKey?: string

Hex representation of the public key that corresponds to the private key used to sign this transaction. If an empty string, indicates a multi-signature is present in the Signers field instead.

SourceTag?: number

Arbitrary integer used to identify the reason for this payment, or a sender on whose behalf this transaction is made. Conventionally, a refund should specify the initial payment's SourceTag as the refund payment's DestinationTag.

TicketSequence?: number

The sequence number of the ticket to use in place of a Sequence number. If this is provided, Sequence must be 0. Cannot be used with AccountTxnID.

TransactionType: "AMMBid"

The type of transaction. Valid types include: Payment, OfferCreate, TrustSet, and many others.

TxnSignature?: string

The signature that verifies this transaction as originating from the account it says it is from.

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