Interface AccountTxResponse

Expected response from an AccountTxRequest.



api_version?: number
forwarded?: boolean
id: string | number
result: {
    account: string;
    ledger_index_max: number;
    ledger_index_min: number;
    limit: number;
    marker?: unknown;
    transactions: AccountTxTransaction[];
    validated?: boolean;

Type declaration

  • account: string

    Unique Address identifying the related account.

  • ledger_index_max: number

    The ledger index of the most recent ledger actually searched for transactions.

  • ledger_index_min: number

    The ledger index of the earliest ledger actually searched for transactions.

  • limit: number

    The limit value used in the request.

  • Optional marker?: unknown

    Server-defined value indicating the response is paginated. Pass this to the next call to resume where this call left off.

  • transactions: AccountTxTransaction[]

    Array of transactions matching the request's criteria, as explained below.

  • Optional validated?: boolean

    If included and set to true, the information in this response comes from a validated ledger version. Otherwise, the information is subject to change.

status?: string
type: string
warning?: "load"
warnings?: ResponseWarning[]

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