Interface SubmitResponse

Response expected from a SubmitRequest.



api_version?: number
forwarded?: boolean
id: string | number
result: {
    accepted: boolean;
    account_sequence_available: number;
    account_sequence_next: number;
    applied: boolean;
    broadcast: boolean;
    engine_result: string;
    engine_result_code: number;
    engine_result_message: string;
    kept: boolean;
    open_ledger_cost: string;
    queued: boolean;
    tx_blob: string;
    tx_json: Object;
    validated_ledger_index: number;

Type declaration

  • accepted: boolean

    The value true indicates that the transaction was applied, queued, broadcast, or kept for later. The value false indicates that none of those happened, so the transaction cannot possibly succeed as long as you do not submit it again and have not already submitted it another time.

  • account_sequence_available: number

    The next Sequence Number available for the sending account after all pending and queued transactions.

  • account_sequence_next: number

    The next Sequence number for the sending account after all transactions that have been provisionally applied, but not transactions in the queue.

  • applied: boolean

    The value true indicates that this transaction was applied to the open ledger. In this case, the transaction is likely, but not guaranteed, to be validated in the next ledger version.

  • broadcast: boolean

    The value true indicates this transaction was broadcast to peer servers in the peer-to-peer XRP Ledger network.

  • engine_result: string

    Text result code indicating the preliminary result of the transaction, for example tesSUCCESS.

  • engine_result_code: number

    Numeric version of the result code.

  • engine_result_message: string

    Human-readable explanation of the transaction's preliminary result.

  • kept: boolean

    The value true indicates that the transaction was kept to be retried later.

  • open_ledger_cost: string

    The current open ledger cost before processing this transaction transactions with a lower cost are likely to be queued.

  • queued: boolean

    The value true indicates the transaction was put in the Transaction Queue, which means it is likely to be included in a future ledger version.

  • tx_blob: string

    The complete transaction in hex string format.

  • tx_json: Object

    The complete transaction in JSON format.

  • validated_ledger_index: number

    The ledger index of the newest validated ledger at the time of submission. This provides a lower bound on the ledger versions that the transaction can appear in as a result of this request.

status?: string
type: string
warning?: "load"
warnings?: ResponseWarning[]

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