Interface LedgerBinary


  • Omit<Omit<Ledger, "transactions">, "accountState">
    • LedgerBinary


accountState?: string[]
account_hash: string

The SHA-512Half of this ledger's state tree information.

close_flags: number

A bit-map of flags relating to the closing of this ledger.

close_time: number

The approximate time this ledger version closed, as the number of seconds since the Ripple Epoch of 2000-01-01 00:00:00. This value is rounded based on the close_time_resolution.

close_time_human: string

The approximate time this ledger was closed, in human-readable format. Always uses the UTC time zone.

close_time_resolution: number

An integer in the range [2,120] indicating the maximum number of seconds by which the close_time could be rounded.

closed: boolean

Whether or not this ledger has been closed.

ledger_hash: string

The SHA-512Half of this ledger version. This serves as a unique identifier for this ledger and all its contents.

ledger_index: string

The ledger index of the ledger. Some API methods display this as a quoted integer; some display it as a native JSON number.

parent_close_time: number

The approximate time at which the previous ledger was closed.

parent_hash: string

Unique identifying hash of the ledger that came immediately before this one.

total_coins: string

Total number of XRP drops in the network, as a quoted integer.

transaction_hash: string

Hash of the transaction information included in this ledger, as hex.

transactions?: string[]

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