Interface TxResponse<T>

Response expected from a TxRequest.

Type Parameters



api_version?: number
forwarded?: boolean
id: string | number
result: {
    ctid?: string;
    date?: number;
    hash: string;
    ledger_index?: number;
    meta?: string | TransactionMetadata<T>;
    validated?: boolean;
} & T

Type declaration

  • Optional ctid?: string

    The Concise Transaction Identifier of the transaction (16-byte hex string)

  • Optional date?: number

    This number measures the number of seconds since the "Ripple Epoch" of January 1, 2000 (00:00 UTC)

  • hash: string

    The SHA-512 hash of the transaction.

  • Optional ledger_index?: number

    The ledger index of the ledger that includes this transaction.

  • Optional meta?: string | TransactionMetadata<T>

    Transaction metadata, which describes the results of the transaction. Can be undefined if a transaction has not been validated yet.

  • Optional validated?: boolean

    If true, this data comes from a validated ledger version; if omitted or. Set to false, this data is not final.

searched_all?: boolean

If true, the server was able to search all of the specified ledger versions, and the transaction was in none of them. If false, the server did not have all of the specified ledger versions available, so it is not sure. If one of them might contain the transaction.

status?: string
type: string
warning?: "load"
warnings?: ResponseWarning[]

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