Interface GatewayBalancesRequest

The gateway_balances command calculates the total balances issued by a given account, optionally excluding amounts held by operational addresses. Expects a response in the form of a GatewayBalancesResponse.


const gatewayBalances: GatewayBalanceRequest = {
"id": "example_gateway_balances_1",
"command": "gateway_balances",
"account": "rMwjYedjc7qqtKYVLiAccJSmCwih4LnE2q",
"strict": true,
"hotwallet": ["rKm4uWpg9tfwbVSeATv4KxDe6mpE9yPkgJ","ra7JkEzrgeKHdzKgo4EUUVBnxggY4z37kt"],
"ledger_index": "validated"


  • BaseRequest
  • LookupByLedgerRequest
    • GatewayBalancesRequest


account: string

The Address to check. This should be the issuing address.

api_version?: number

The API version to use. If omitted, use version 1.

command: "gateway_balances"

The name of the API method.

hotwallet?: string | string[]

An operational address to exclude from the balances issued, or an array of Such addresses.

id?: string | number

A unique value to identify this request. The response to this request uses the same id field. This way, even if responses arrive out of order, you know which request prompted which response.

ledger_hash?: string

A 20-byte hex string for the ledger version to use.

ledger_index?: LedgerIndex

The ledger index of the ledger to use, or a shortcut string.

strict?: boolean

If true, only accept an address or public key for the account parameter. Defaults to false.

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