Function walletFromSecretNumbers

  • Derives a wallet from secret numbers. NOTE: This uses a default encoding algorithm of secp256k1 to match the popular wallet Xumm (aka Xaman)'s behavior. This may be different from the DEFAULT_ALGORITHM for other ways to generate a Wallet.


    • secretNumbers: string | string[]

      A string consisting of 8 times 6 numbers (whitespace delimited) used to derive a wallet.

    • Optional opts: {
          algorithm?: ECDSA;
          masterAddress?: string;

      (Optional) Options to derive a Wallet.

      • Optional algorithm?: ECDSA

        The digital signature algorithm to generate an address for.

      • Optional masterAddress?: string

        Include if a Wallet uses a Regular Key Pair. It must be the master address of the account.

    Returns Wallet

    A Wallet derived from secret numbers.


    ValidationError if unable to derive private key from secret number input.

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