Interface PathFindCreateRequest

Start sending pathfinding information.


  • BasePathFindRequest
    • PathFindCreateRequest


api_version?: number

The API version to use. If omitted, use version 1.

command: "path_find"
destination_account: string

Unique address of the account to find a path to.

destination_amount: Amount

Currency Amount that the destination account would receive in a transaction.

id?: string | number

A unique value to identify this request. The response to this request uses the same id field. This way, even if responses arrive out of order, you know which request prompted which response.

paths?: Path[]

Array of arrays of objects, representing payment paths to check. You can use this to keep updated on changes to particular paths you already know about, or to check the overall cost to make a payment along a certain path.

send_max?: Amount

Currency amount that would be spent in the transaction.

source_account: string

Unique address of the account to find a path from. In other words, the. Account that would be sending a payment.

subcommand: "create"

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