Interface GatewayBalancesResponse

Expected response from a GatewayBalancesRequest.


  • BaseResponse
    • GatewayBalancesResponse


api_version?: number
forwarded?: boolean
id: string | number
result: { account: string; assets?: { [address: string]: Balance[] }; balances?: { [address: string]: Balance[] }; ledger_current_index?: number; ledger_hash?: string; ledger_index?: number; obligations?: { [currency: string]: string } }

Type declaration

  • account: string

    The address of the account that issued the balances.

  • Optional assets?: { [address: string]: Balance[] }

    Total amounts held that are issued by others. In the recommended configuration, the issuing address should have none.

    • [address: string]: Balance[]
  • Optional balances?: { [address: string]: Balance[] }

    Amounts issued to the hotwallet addresses from the request. The keys are addresses and the values are arrays of currency amounts they hold.

    • [address: string]: Balance[]
  • Optional ledger_current_index?: number

    The ledger index of the ledger version that was used to generate this response.

  • Optional ledger_hash?: string

    The identifying hash of the ledger version that was used to generate this response.

  • Optional ledger_index?: number

    The ledger index of the current in-progress ledger version, which was used to retrieve this information.

  • Optional obligations?: { [currency: string]: string }

    Total amounts issued to addresses not excluded, as a map of currencies to the total value issued.

    • [currency: string]: string
status?: string
type: string
warning?: "load"
warnings?: Warning[]

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