Enumeration AccountSetAsfFlags

Enum for AccountSet Flags.

Enumeration Members

asfAccountTxnID: 5

Track the ID of this account's most recent transaction. Required for AccountTxnID.

asfAllowTrustLineClawback: 16

Permanently gain the ability to claw back issued IOUs

asfAuthorizedNFTokenMinter: 10

Allow another account to mint and burn tokens on behalf of this account.

asfDefaultRipple: 8

Enable rippling on this account's trust lines by default.

asfDepositAuth: 9

Enable Deposit Authorization on this account.

asfDisableMaster: 4

Disallow use of the master key pair. Can only be enabled if the account has configured another way to sign transactions, such as a Regular Key or a Signer List.

asfDisallowIncomingCheck: 13

Disallow other accounts from creating incoming Checks

asfDisallowIncomingNFTokenOffer: 12

Disallow other accounts from creating incoming NFTOffers

asfDisallowIncomingPayChan: 14

Disallow other accounts from creating incoming PayChannels

asfDisallowIncomingTrustline: 15

Disallow other accounts from creating incoming Trustlines

asfDisallowXRP: 3

XRP should not be sent to this account.

asfGlobalFreeze: 7

Freeze all assets issued by this account.

asfNoFreeze: 6

Permanently give up the ability to freeze individual trust lines or disable Global Freeze. This flag can never be disabled after being enabled.

asfRequireAuth: 2

Require authorization for users to hold balances issued by this address can only be enabled if the address has no trust lines connected to it.

asfRequireDest: 1

Require a destination tag to send transactions to this account.

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