Interface PathFindStream

The path_find method searches for a path along which a transaction can possibly be made, and periodically sends updates when the path changes over time.


  • BaseStream
    • PathFindStream


alternatives: [] | {
    paths_computed: Path[];
    source_amount: Amount;

Array of objects with suggested paths to take. If empty, then no paths were found connecting the source and destination accounts.

Type declaration

destination_account: string

Unique address of the account that would receive a transaction.

destination_amount: Amount

Currency Amount that the destination would receive in a transaction.

full_reply: boolean

If false, this is the result of an incomplete search. A later reply may have a better path. If true, then this is the best path found. (It is still theoretically possible that a better path could exist, but rippled won't find it.) Until you close the pathfinding request, rippled continues to send updates each time a new ledger closes.

id: string | number

The ID provided in the WebSocket request is included again at this level.

send_max?: Amount

Currency Amount that would be spent in the transaction.

source_account: string

Unique address that would send a transaction.

type: "path_find"

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