Interface SubmitMultisignedRequest

The submit_multisigned command applies a multi-signed transaction and sends it to the network to be included in future ledgers. Expects a response in the form of a SubmitMultisignedRequest.



api_version?: number

The API version to use. If omitted, use version 1.

command: "submit_multisigned"

The name of the API method.

fail_hard?: boolean

If true, and the transaction fails locally, do not retry or relay the transaction to other servers.

id?: string | number

A unique value to identify this request. The response to this request uses the same id field. This way, even if responses arrive out of order, you know which request prompted which response.

tx_json: Transaction

Transaction in JSON format with an array of Signers. To be successful, the weights of the signatures must be equal or higher than the quorum of the. Type/SignerList.

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