Interface PaymentChannelClaimFlagsInterface

Map of flags to boolean values representing PaymentChannelClaim transaction flags.


const paymentChannelClaim: PaymentChannelClaim = {
Account: 'rMpxZpuy5RBSP47oK2hDWUtk3B5BNQHfGj,
TransactionType: 'PaymentChannelClaim',
Channel: hashes.hashPaymentChannel(
Amount: '100',
Flags: {
tfClose: true

// Autofill the tx to see how flags actually look compared to the interface usage.
const autofilledTx = await client.autofill(paymentChannelClaim)
// {
// Account: 'rMpxZpuy5RBSP47oK2hDWUtk3B5BNQHfGj',
// TransactionType: 'PaymentChannelClaim',
// Channel: 'FC14BF9245D731DC1749EE0F070765E4EB4E993F8ECEE3D00F7E6E26D6EF98CF',
// Amount: '100',
// Flags: 131072,
// Sequence: 21970713,
// Fee: '12',
// LastLedgerSequence: 21970658
// }


  • GlobalFlags
    • PaymentChannelClaimFlagsInterface



tfClose?: boolean

Request to close the channel. Only the channel source and destination addresses can use this flag. This flag closes the channel immediately if it has no more XRP allocated to it after processing the current claim, or if the destination address uses it. If the source address uses this flag when the channel still holds XRP, this schedules the channel to close after SettleDelay seconds have passed. (Specifically, this sets the Expiration of the channel to the close time of the previous ledger plus the channel's SettleDelay time, unless the channel already has an earlier Expiration time.) If the destination address uses this flag when the channel still holds XRP, any XRP that remains after processing the claim is returned to the source address.

tfRenew?: boolean

Clear the channel's Expiration time. (Expiration is different from the channel's immutable CancelAfter time.) Only the source address of the payment channel can use this flag.

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