Interface TrustSetFlagsInterface

Map of flags to boolean values representing TrustSet transaction flags.


const trustSetTx: TrustSet = {
TransactionType: 'TrustSet',
Account: wallet2.getClassicAddress(),
LimitAmount: {
currency: 'FOO',
issuer: wallet1.getClassicAddress(),
value: '10000000000',
Flags: {
tfSetNoRipple: true

// Autofill the tx to see how flags actually look compared to the interface usage.
const autofilledTx = await client.autofill(trustSetTx)
// {
// TransactionType: 'TrustSet',
// Account: 'r9dAdQQCBcGajVSeC9CqW3LCugjPDnAkEb',
// LimitAmount: {
// currency: 'FOO',
// issuer: 'rWZzUjo5xGiAoRBqzsndyzonXz47UV8u1',
// value: '10000000000'
// },
// Flags: 131072,
// Sequence: 21971483,
// Fee: '12',
// LastLedgerSequence: 21971503
// }


  • GlobalFlags
    • TrustSetFlagsInterface


tfClearFreeze?: boolean

Unfreeze the trust line.

tfClearNoRipple?: boolean

Disable the No Ripple flag, allowing rippling on this trust line.

tfSetFreeze?: boolean

Freeze the trust line.

tfSetNoRipple?: boolean

Enable the No Ripple flag, which blocks rippling between two trust lines of the same currency if this flag is enabled on both.

tfSetfAuth?: boolean

Authorize the other party to hold currency issued by this account. (No effect unless using the asfRequireAuth AccountSet flag.) Cannot be unset.

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