Interface XChainOwnedClaimID

An XChainOwnedClaimID object represents one cross-chain transfer of value and includes information of the account on the source chain that locks or burns the funds on the source chain.


  • BaseLedgerEntry
  • HasPreviousTxnID
    • XChainOwnedClaimID


Account: string

The account that checked out this unique claim ID value.

Flags: 0

A bit-map of boolean flags. No flags are defined for XChainOwnedClaimIDs, so this value is always 0.

LedgerEntryType: "XChainOwnedClaimID"
OtherChainSource: string

The account that must send the corresponding XChainCommit on the source chain. The destination may be specified in the XChainCommit transaction, which means that if the OtherChainSource isn't specified, another account can try to specify a different destination and steal the funds. This also allows tracking only a single set of signatures, since we know which account will send the XChainCommit transaction.

OwnerNode: string

A hint indicating which page of the sender's owner directory links to this object, in case the directory consists of multiple pages.

PreviousTxnID: string

The identifying hash of the transaction that most recently modified this object.

PreviousTxnLgrSeq: number

The index of the ledger that contains the transaction that most recently modified this object.

SignatureReward: string

The total amount to pay the witness servers for their signatures. It must be at least the value of the SignatureReward in the Bridge ledger object.

XChainBridge: XChainBridge

The door accounts and assets of the bridge this object correlates to.

XChainClaimAttestations: {
    XChainClaimProofSig: {
        Amount: Amount;
        AttestationRewardAccount: string;
        AttestationSignerAccount: string;
        Destination?: string;
        PublicKey: string;
        WasLockingChainSend: 0 | 1;

Attestations collected from the witness servers. This includes the parameters needed to recreate the message that was signed, including the amount, which chain (locking or issuing), optional destination, and reward account for that signature.

Type declaration

  • XChainClaimProofSig: {
        Amount: Amount;
        AttestationRewardAccount: string;
        AttestationSignerAccount: string;
        Destination?: string;
        PublicKey: string;
        WasLockingChainSend: 0 | 1;
    • Amount: Amount
    • AttestationRewardAccount: string
    • AttestationSignerAccount: string
    • Optional Destination?: string
    • PublicKey: string
    • WasLockingChainSend: 0 | 1
XChainClaimID: string

The unique sequence number for a cross-chain transfer.

index: string

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