Interface Ledger

A ledger is a block of transactions and shared state data. It has a unique header that describes its contents using cryptographic hashes.


  • Ledger


accountState?: LedgerEntry[]

All the state information in this ledger. Admin only.

account_hash: string

The SHA-512Half of this ledger's state tree information.

close_flags: number

A bit-map of flags relating to the closing of this ledger.

close_time: number

The approximate time this ledger version closed, as the number of seconds since the Ripple Epoch of 2000-01-01 00:00:00. This value is rounded based on the close_time_resolution.

close_time_human: string

The approximate time this ledger was closed, in human-readable format. Always uses the UTC time zone.

close_time_resolution: number

An integer in the range [2,120] indicating the maximum number of seconds by which the close_time could be rounded.

closed: boolean

Whether or not this ledger has been closed.

ledger_hash: string

The SHA-512Half of this ledger version. This serves as a unique identifier for this ledger and all its contents.

ledger_index: string

The ledger index of the ledger. Some API methods display this as a quoted integer; some display it as a native JSON number.

parent_close_time: number

The approximate time at which the previous ledger was closed.

parent_hash: string

Unique identifying hash of the ledger that came immediately before this one.

total_coins: string

Total number of XRP drops in the network, as a quoted integer.

transaction_hash: string

Hash of the transaction information included in this ledger, as hex.

transactions?: Object[]

Transactions applied in this ledger version. By default, members are the transactions' identifying Hash strings. If the request specified expand as true, members are full representations of the transactions instead, in either JSON or binary depending on whether the request specified binary as true.

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