Interface SignerList

The SignerList object type represents a list of parties that, as a group, are authorized to sign a transaction in place of an individual account. You can create, replace, or remove a signer list using a SignerListSet transaction.


  • BaseLedgerEntry
  • HasPreviousTxnID
    • SignerList


Flags: number

A bit-map of Boolean flags enabled for this signer list. For more information, see SignerList Flags.

LedgerEntryType: "SignerList"
OwnerNode: string

A hint indicating which page of the owner directory links to this object, in case the directory consists of multiple pages.

PreviousTxnID: string

The identifying hash of the transaction that most recently modified this object.

PreviousTxnLgrSeq: number

The index of the ledger that contains the transaction that most recently modified this object.

SignerEntries: SignerEntry[]

An array of Signer Entry objects representing the parties who are part of this signer list.

SignerListID: number

An ID for this signer list. Currently always set to 0. If a future amendment allows multiple signer lists for an account, this may change.

SignerQuorum: number

A target number for signer weights. To produce a valid signature for the owner of this SignerList, the signers must provide valid signatures whose weights sum to this value or more.

index: string

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