Interface AMM

The AMM object type describes a single Automated Market Maker (AMM) instance.


  • BaseLedgerEntry
  • MissingPreviousTxnID
    • AMM


Account: string

The address of the special account that holds this AMM's assets.

Asset: Currency

The definition for one of the two assets this AMM holds.

Asset2: Currency

The definition for the other asset this AMM holds.

AuctionSlot?: {
    Account: string;
    AuthAccounts?: AuthAccount[];
    DiscountedFee: number;
    Expiration: number;
    Price: IssuedCurrencyAmount;

Details of the current owner of the auction slot.

Type declaration

  • Account: string

    The current owner of this auction slot.

  • Optional AuthAccounts?: AuthAccount[]

    A list of at most 4 additional accounts that are authorized to trade at the discounted fee for this AMM instance.

  • DiscountedFee: number

    The trading fee to be charged to the auction owner, in the same format as TradingFee. By default this is 0, meaning that the auction owner can trade at no fee instead of the standard fee for this AMM.

  • Expiration: number

    The time when this slot expires, in seconds since the Ripple Epoch.

  • Price: IssuedCurrencyAmount

    The amount the auction owner paid to win this slot, in LP Tokens.

Flags: 0

A bit-map of boolean flags. No flags are defined for the AMM object type, so this value is always 0.

LPTokenBalance: IssuedCurrencyAmount

The total outstanding balance of liquidity provider tokens from this AMM instance. The holders of these tokens can vote on the AMM's trading fee in proportion to their holdings, or redeem the tokens for a share of the AMM's assets which grows with the trading fees collected.

LedgerEntryType: "AMM"
PreviousTxnID: never

This field is missing on this object but is present on most other returned objects.

PreviousTxnLgrSeq: never

This field is missing on this object but is present on most other returned objects.

TradingFee: number

The percentage fee to be charged for trades against this AMM instance, in units of 1/100,000. The maximum value is 1000, for a 1% fee.

VoteSlots?: VoteSlot[]

A list of vote objects, representing votes on the pool's trading fee.

index: string

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