Enumeration AccountRootFlags

Enumeration Members

lsfAMM: 33554432

This account is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) instance.

lsfAllowTrustLineClawback: 2147483648

This address can claw back issued IOUs. Once enabled, cannot be disabled.

lsfDefaultRipple: 8388608

Enable rippling on this address's trust lines by default. Required for issuing addresses; discouraged for others.

lsfDepositAuth: 16777216

This account can only receive funds from transactions it sends, and from preauthorized accounts. (It has DepositAuth enabled.)

lsfDisableMaster: 1048576

Disallows use of the master key to sign transactions for this account.

lsfDisallowIncomingCheck: 134217728

Disallow incoming Checks from other accounts.

lsfDisallowIncomingNFTokenOffer: 67108864

Disallow incoming NFTOffers from other accounts.

lsfDisallowIncomingPayChan: 268435456

Disallow incoming PayChannels from other accounts.

lsfDisallowIncomingTrustline: 536870912

Disallow incoming Trustlines from other accounts.

lsfDisallowXRP: 524288

Client applications should not send XRP to this account. Not enforced by rippled.

lsfGlobalFreeze: 4194304

All assets issued by this address are frozen.

lsfNoFreeze: 2097152

This address cannot freeze trust lines connected to it. Once enabled, cannot be disabled.

lsfPasswordSpent: 65536

The account has used its free SetRegularKey transaction.

lsfRequireAuth: 262144

This account must individually approve other users for those users to hold this account's issued currencies.

lsfRequireDestTag: 131072

Requires incoming payments to specify a Destination Tag.

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